'Intellicharge' Tough USB-C Cable with Colour Changing LED Charge Indicator and Smart Auto Cut-off

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Intellicharge USB-C Reversible Cable with Auto Power Cutoff and 3 Colour LED Charge Indicator

  • USB cable for USB-C devices

  • High¬†quality long lasting tough braided cable

  • 1 metre length

  • Works with USB-C devices up to 3A

  • Colour changing LED charge indicator

  • Fast charge compatible

  • Reversible¬†USB-C plug type

  • Auto power cutoff when fully charged

  • Overcharge, overheat and short circuit protection

  • Genuine original new and sealed BASEUS cable

2 Year Warranty with free replacement promise - if it fails in normal use we'll replace it free of charge. See Your Warranty page for full details

Product details

Baseus Premium USB-C cable with LED indicator and auto power cutoff - Review and details

There are cables and there are Baseus cables. If you're tired of having to replace cheap, or even not so cheap, nasty USB cables then you need Baseus. 

These cables are built to last, and are superior to your bog-standard cable in every way possible. Built with braided nylon with a dual inner core protecting the tinned copper cable stands they are virtually impossible to break or damage in normal use. 

The aluminium alloy plug tips are rust resistant and held in place with a moulded collar, preventing the plug from ever working loose - a common cause of failure with cheap cables.

As an added but unintended bonus they're also considerably less likely to tangle than ordinary cables.

Smart electronics

The construction of the cable is only the start. Inside the plug tips you have the latest microchips which automatically control the current, ensuring that your equipment isn't damaged by overcurrent charging, power surges and also include overheat and over-voltage protection, ensuring safety is paramount. 

The new USB-C cable format has a slightly larger plug than the microUSB plugs it replaces, which is less prone to breakage and is reversible, so no more fiddling around trying to get the cable inserted the right way around.

Auto Power Cutoff and Smart Charging

A 3-LED indicator tells you when your charge is low, mid charge or full while the built-in circuitry ensures power to the device is dropped to trickle charge when nearly fully charged, cutting off completely a few minute after charging is completed.

A check is made every 30 minutes or so, recommencing charging if required so your device is always topped up ready to go without overcharging, saving electricity, saving your battery's overall lifespan and ensuring the battery and device are not damaged by overcharging.

Protection and safety

Superior protection is assured in every way, with the built in micro electronics ensuring safe, even current and data flow in both directions when connected to compatible equipment, with built in physical and electrical protection meeting the EU's strict standards.

Suitable for use with our Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 triple port chargers, the cables are compatible with fast charge phones or chargers. Maximum current flow is 3 Amps.

As ever, we're happy to include our unique 2 Year Warranty with free replacement guarantee, and all our items are shipped directly from us here in Lancashire so there are no customs fees or costly long distance returns to worry about. 

Free UK delivery

Same Day dispatch, Free tracked UK standard delivery and reduced 1st Class and Next Day options from Royal Mail are all available too, and like all our items this product is supplied with our 30 day Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence

ALL our mobile phones and accessories are supplied brand new in original sealed pack, and include FREE UK delivery and our unique 2 YEAR WARRANTY.

Everything we sell is located right here in the UK and is fully guaranteed and ready to ship now

Product Specifications
  • USB to USB Type C cable
  • Length: 1 metre
  • Composition: nylon weave braided cable with Zinc Aluminium alloy plug tips
  • Output current: 3A at 5V, 2A at 9V
  • Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0 compatible
  • 3 colour LED charge status indicator
  • Auto Power Off when charged
  • Data Transmission speed: Up to 480Mbps

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