Telesales and telemarketing scam.

This is important so we'll get straight to the point. If you are reading this, we have probably directed you here because you have advised us that you have been contacted by phone by a company claiming to be 1st Mobile. 

The simple fact is if you have, it is a scam - WE NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL sell anything by phone.


If you have been contacted recently by people trying to sell you something, such as a mobile phone or contract then those people are scammers, and have no connection with us in any way. WE DO NOT conduct sales by telephone or ask for payment by bank transfer, and we will NEVER ask you for your bank details. 

It is therefore essential that if you have been contacted by anybody claiming to be from 1st Mobile UK, and have been asked for and given your bank or card details then STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW AND CONTACT YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY

They can then block your account/card and will know how to deal with the issue. Also consider contacting your network and the police with as many details as possible, as they may be able to trace the call. I can assure you the call did not come from us. 

In fact we rarely contact anybody by phone because in the event of a problem we require written details to ensure that things like your order details and items ordered can be checked, and that we properly understand why you are contacting us. Messages on the phone can be misinterpreted, so if you do need to contact us please do so via email and include your name and order number 

Our email address is enquiries@1stmobile.co.uk

If do need to contact us then please be polite and respectful - treat us the way you expect to be treated. Our regular customers know that we have an excellent reputation, and this is being dragged through the mud by these scammers. We know nothing about it, who they are or why they are doing it - it could even be competitors trying to undermine our good name but rest assured it is nothing to do with us.

Your bank, your network and the police are the people you need to contact. If you haven't taken a name and number of who you were speaking to then you should have, at the very least, because the only way these people can be stopped is if they can be traced. If you don't have the details, your network should be able to trace them - ask them to do so and pass the information on to the police. If nobody does anything, nothing will stop them. 

I hope this information is helpful to you.