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We want you to be happy with your purchase and hopefully you will never need the information provided on this page, but occasionally things do go wrong.  Don't worry, we've got you covered! 

Here are the details of your warranty cover, how to claim and a little helpful advice along the way. 

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Your Warranty

IMPORTANT: This warranty applies only to items directly sold by and supplied by us ("1st Mobile UK"). For items purchased from our partner sites (e.g. O2, EE, Three network sites) please refer to the documentation supplied with your item or the terms provided on the purchase site. 
Your warranty is issued in addition to your statutory rights which are not affected.

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However we strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the warranty details prior to placing a claim.


All items are covered for a minimum of 12 months from the date of purchase unless stated otherwise on the original advertisement or listing, or on the documentation which either we or the manufacturer includes with your device.

IMPORTANT: This does not apply to sim cards, which have a 30-day money back guarantee. This is because the networks place an expiry date on each sim card but this is not made public. We therefore recommend that you activate (or top up) your sim card within 30 days of the date of purchase. We can not exchange or refund sims after this 30 day period. 

Should you sim develop a fault after the 30 day period your network will usually replace it free of charge. 

Your device is protected against defects that exist or arise as a result of a manufacturing fault or error. This includes mains (AC) chargers, but does not include items such as standard USB cables* or batteries which are classed as consumables, and does not include any added "free" items or accessories such as headphones or cases. Additionally it does not include errors with, or caused by, any software or firmware on the phone or associated with it.

However, generally we will be pleased to replace any cable or battery which fails within the first 6 months (following the date of purchase) at our own discretion.

IMPORTANT: You must report any fault within 3 working days of the first occurance (using the form at the foot of this page), and immediately stop using the device and remove it from any power source unless we advise otherwise. This is extremely important, as a faulty device may not be safe to use and continued use of the device may make the fault worse, leading to a more expensive repair. As such, if this condition is not met you will not be able to claim under the terms of this warranty. 

(* Note: Our premium branded cables such as Essager, Rock and Baseus now include a 2 Year no-Quibble Warranty. Replacements are subject to one per purchase. This applies to all purchases from 30 June 2019 onwards. These items will be replaced free of charge but you must complete the claim form below and return the original cable to us)

In the event of a valid claim you are entitled to a free repair of the item, or a replacement of at least similar value and type if the item can not be economically repaired at our discretion. We will always replace an item with one of the same type where possible. There is no cash alternative. 

However, you are also entitled to a refund if you purchased the item less than 30 days of the date of your claim.


If the item is broken or damaged when it is delivered to you please contact us for advice within 48 hours of receiving the item.

Please do not sign for or accept the item if you can see that the packaging has been damaged or opened when it is handed over to you. If you accept a damaged or opened package we can not help you and you will need to file a claim with the carrier.

If your item is broken or damaged due to wear and tear, accident or misuse it is not covered by this warranty.


Phones and tablets described as "waterproof" are not covered for water ingress, or damage due to the same.

WHY? - Waterproofing generally refers to protection against water ingress at shallow depths for a limited time in pure (or fresh) water. The level of rating is usually defined by the IP rating.

For example, a rating of IP67 means the item can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of fresh water while IP68 rated devices can be submerged up to 1.5 meters for the same length of time.

The problem is that most of the water we experience is not totally fresh and pure, which reduces the time and depth at which the device is protected. Sea water, for example, is very corrosive. Swimming pools often contain chemicals such as fluoride, and so on.

As there is likely no way for you to test the purity of the water you have immersed your phone in, and almost certainly no way for the manufacturers to be able to confirm what 'type' of water the item has been immersed in or for how long, they will not cover those items for water ingress under any circumstances.

OUR ADVICE: We would recommend considering a "waterproof" phone as one that can be safely used in wet weather outdoors and will survive a drop into a pool, bowl of water, a cold drink or even somewhere, um, less desirable without damage – as long as it doesn't take a knock which itself might damage the phone - BUT it should be properly dried before any ports are opened. Remember too that any ports and membranes will naturally wear with time and use which may affect the waterproofing properties.

IP ratings are issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and their official line is that the assignation is strictly for fresh and pure water only, which means it isn't guaranteed for anything else. 


In virtually all cases a broken, chipped or cracked screen is caused by impact damage, and as such is not covered by your warranty under any circumstances.


Additional protection such as Gorilla Glass may add an extra level of protection but is mostly there to help prevent scratches and marks. It won't prevent the glass from breaking although it may help in some cases.


Again, the manufacturer has no way of checking what impacted the glass or at what force, so cannot be expected to cover broken glass.


Remember your screen is only a tiny fraction of an inch thick. A decent case can be inexpensive and offers the best protection. A screen protector may help to protect your screen from scratches but should not be considered as something that will prevent the glass from breaking.

We would take with "a pinch of salt" those ads promoting screen protectors that show them being drilled or hit with a hammer – even if the protector survives, the impact is likely to break the screen beneath it. 


Your warranty does not cover damage or malfunction that may have been caused to the device by software or firmware, including apps that may or may not have have malfunctioned, or will not operate with your phone or tablet, or after use with accessories such as aftermarket chargers, cables or batteries, unless those devices have been supplied by us and are compatible with your phone or tablet. This also applies to phone updates. 

Any apps obtained from anywhere other than officially recommended sources (e.g. Google Play or the Apple Store) are not recommended for use.


Many apps have been developed or updated with specific versions of an operating system in mind and may not be totally compatible with earlier or later versions, or certain screen sizes. Such apps may not work or display correctly, or may consume more power or memory space than the device is capable of. This is not considered to be a fault with the device.

Apps can also conflict with each other or with the phone's operation. The thing to bear in mind is that if you have 50 or 100 apps installed every one of those will have been written by a different author, and would need to work with a countless list of phones. It is inevitable that not every app is going to be fully compatible with every phone, and may cause conflicts with other apps and with the phone's normal operation. Some apps also contain viruses which can cause considerable damage even if you are not aware of them. The same applies to phone updates, which are notorious for causing problems. Our advice is if our phone is working fine do not attempt to update it.

  • If the item has been altered in any way, either physically or by installing software or firmware that was not specifically intended for the item and/or endorsed by the manufacturer, the warranty will be considered void.
  • In the event that any payment on your account is outstanding and overdue at the time of the claim, either for the item purchased or for any other item, the warranty will be considered void.
  • Any issues not covered by this warranty will be considered on a case by case basis, and the management's decision will be final.
  • The warranty covers the original purchaser only and can not be transferred.
  • Please retain your receipt or packing slip as you will need to provide the details including your order number and the date of purchase in the event of a claim. We can not issue a copy.
  • The management's decision will be deemed final in all cases. All claims are subject to fair wear and tear, and your warranty does not include faults to due excessive use or damage, however caused. It is your responsibility to take reasonable care of your item. 
  • Return postage costs are the responsibility of the buyer. However we will return your repaired item (or it's replacement) free of charge unless no fault is found. In the latter case your claim will be subject to a £25 handling and admin fee.
      • Please contact the support area of your manufacturers website in the first instance as they will often be able to offer help and advice.
      • If you wish to make a claim under warranty please complete the simple Warranty Claim Form below within 3 days of the problem arising. This is important - if you continue to use the device you will not be covered under the terms of this warranty
      • We can not accept claims presented outside of the guarantee period, so please report the issue as soon as possible and in any event within one week of the problem arising.
      • Do not continue to use the item if you believe it is faulty, as it may make the fault worse and it may not be safe to use. If you do, you will invalidate the warranty. 
      • We can not accept claims for items purchased through eBay and/or paid for by PayPal if you have filed a claim in either of those sites. Additionally, your warranty is only valid if we have received cleared funds. Be aware that if funds are withheld as a result of such a claim your warranty will be voided. Advisory: Such claims should only be considered as a last resort when a seller has refused to help, not because you have a problem with your device. 
      • UNDELIVERED ITEMS MUST be claimed for within 30 days of the date of purchase.
      • DAMAGED ON DELIVERY ITEMS MUST be claimed for immediately and in any event, within one working day. As this is a condition of the carrier, claims can not be accepted after the periods shown for undelivered or damaged on delivery items. 
      Please tell us what problem you are experiencing, rather than telling us what the fault is.

      We find that "self-diagnosed" faults are rarely correct and if something isn't working as it should there will often be a simple fix for it. We will not be held responsible where a specific fault has been reported and acted upon by either ourselves or our service agents, where a diagnosis provided by the customer is found to be incorrect.  

          • A flickering screen might be simply due to a faulty battery that needs replacing.

          • No sound might be due to a setting that has placed the phone in Silent mode

          • Poor call quality might simply be due to a network problem with the nearest cell, or a problem with the phone you're calling.

      We aim to respond to all claims within 2 working days. Please do not return the item or accessories until instructed to do so.

      On occasion we may advise you to contact the manufacturers support centre for further advice in the first instance, where an item is functional (i.e. powers up) but is not working as intended.


          • In the first instance please contact the support area of your manufacturer's website as they will often deal with warranty issues directly.

          • When you have read the Warranty details, please complete the Warranty Claim Form below

          • Please do not return the item until we advise you to do so.

          • Carefully follow any advice given regarding packing and posting the item.

          • Postage costs are a fee charged by the carrier and as such are the responsibility of the buyer in all cases.

        Warranty Claim Form

        Please complete the claim form with as many details as possible. By sending the form we will assume you have read and accepted the warranty terms shown above. Your statutory rights are not affected.


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