Why was my sim card order cancelled???!!?

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There is a strict maximum limit of 2 sims per person. Ordering more than the permitted amount is the reason why most orders are cancelled. 

But more importantly, sim cards are issued for personal use only and to be used "as the network intended in accordance with the networks terms and conditions"

That one sentence effectively sums it up, but understandably some people do not fully understand what it means. So lets break it down. 

This means exactly what it says. You must not order sim cards for anybody else as you are not able to accept the network terms on someone else's behalf. If you have special needs then you should contact the network directly. 
Sim cards also remain the property of the network. Their terms do not authorise you to obtain them for, or pass them on to, anybody else to use. 
In particular, sim cards must not be ordered for group activites (such as student groups) or for resale or distribution to any other party Regardless of anything else though, the main reason most orders are cancelled is because more than 2 were ordered, which breaches the Terms of Sale.

This means that sim cards are issued to be used in your phone or tablet as they would normally be used by most people. In particular it is considered that you will using the sim card to make personal calls and texts, and use the internet services. 
They should not be used for multiple signups, vehicle trackers, endless streaming of movies or media for public consumption or redistribution. For example, you would not usually watch or stream 50 movies a day every day so it is not considered to be normal use.

Every network publishes their own terms and conditions which are generally similar, and cover the points mentioned above. In particular you should not be ordering sim cards unless they are for your own use, used in a phone or tablet or similar device, for making general calls, texts and internet access. 
This is why there is a limit of 2 sims per person, as it is generally considered that the average user is highly unlikely to need more than 2 sim cards for personal use, for example in a dual sim phone such as those offered in our Smartphones store. 
We know that historically when more than 2 sim cards have been ordered they are, in the vast majority of cases (over 98%), not used as intended. So while you may only be ordering more sims for your family, unfortunately the vast majority of people are ordering them for illegal use such as multiple account signups, spam texting and in vehicle trackers. 

Why can't they be used in vehicle trackers? My tracker needs a sim to work! 
It may well do, but it's not their intended use as defined by the networks. Unfortunately vehicle tracker manufacturers use sim cards in their trackers but have made no arrangement with the networks for this type of use. If a sim is not topped up regularly the networks are losing money. 
Sims are distributed free of charge by authorised distributors such as ourselves, because we get paid a small commission by the network if the sims are being used "as intended". But if nobody is topping the sims up, nobody gets paid. 

But they're free, so why does it matter?
You may think there is no harm in ordering a couple of extra sims even if you never use them. They're free, after all.
Unfortunately there's "no such thing as a free lunch" and many people seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are not free to produce, package and distribute. But unless the sim cards are being topped up "as intended" the networks lose money, we don't get paid and we lose money too. 
Mobile numbers are released and licensed by the telecoms regulator, Ofcom. The networks have to pay a fee each year for every number which is why sim cards have an expiry date - it makes no sense to pay for a sim card that nobody is using or topping up. Meantime we pack and post them for free at a cost of thousands of pounds every year. 
Regrettably many people who order free sim cards do not realise this and probably do not care, but there are literally millions of sim cards issued every year that are not used "as intended". This costs the industry tens of millions of pounds and they can also be heavily fined by Ofcom if sims are misused, especially for illegal purposes. Those costs are passed on to the end user - that's you and me - so we all lose. 
It's also worth noting that illegal use of sim cards can also land you in trouble. If a network is fined they will often try to track down those ordering and misusing multiple sims and take legal action against them. Court cases where the networks have reclaimed thousands of pounds are not uncommon. 

So would you rather pay £10 a sim?
If the problem isn't contained we will likely go back to the time when it costs £10 for every sim you buy before you even get to use it. Postage and packing costs increase year on year too, so the higher the losses the more likely it is that prices increase for everybody and ultimately free sim cards will become a thing of the past. 
We can only ask you to respect the free offer of one or two sims, not to order more than you need personally and not to misuse them or order them if you do not intend to use them.
The free sim offer is not intended to be a free-for-all to provide you with free stock for resale, parts for your tracking devices or something you can use for multiple signups. Personal use only means exactly that. 2 sims per person/household means exactly that.
Unfortunately if you genuinely wanted a few extra for your family it is precisely the abuse of the offer that has now led to the networks insisting that we issue no more than two sims, so we are all now suffering from a direct consequence of people abusing the offer in the past. 


What if I do order more than 1 free sim - a blunt warning.
Fraudulent orders are a very large problem for the industry as a whole mad the limit of one free sim is very strictly adhered to. Be advised - if you place multiple orders to try to get around the "one free sim per person" offer, you won't get any.
It will be considered that you are deliberately placing separate orders in order to "game the system". not ordering the sims for personal use. You won't be able to come back and order after the event, and any cards already issued to you may be blocked without warning. 
This also applies to those trying to game the system by using alternate names and/or addresses. Also note that in some cases you may only be allowed one sim card in total, as that is all the network will allow. This will be shown on the listing where applicable.
We also reserve the right to reject or refuse to accept any order without providing a reason or notification of cancellation. 
Do note that some sim cards have a limit of one per person. 

How to make sure your order is accepted

Format your home address as follows:


Mr. Joe Bloggs
3 Home Avenue
AC12 3DE


joe b
3 home a


Sim card orders are now very strictly monitored so do make sure your order details are correct. It's important because if any part of them is not valid, such as your phone number or email address your order is extremely likely to be cancelled without notification.
We do not spam and we will only use your contact details for processing your order and informing you of dispatch etc. (unless you have joined our mailing list), but many cancellations are due to people leaving false email addresses.
If your email order confirmation notice "bounces" and is returned undelivered, your order is likely to be automatically cancelled and we can not override this
Please help us to maintain the offer as is, and help keep the internet a safer place for everyone. Thank you.