Great news from O2. New and improved tariffs have been announced and are available right now. The new Pay As You Go tariffs to bring you more value than ever. 

Big Bundle data sim cards are improving, with increased data allowances and now with UNLIMITED texts and data

New tariffs

  • £10 Big Bundles get double data, up from 4GB last year to 7GB
  • £15 Big Bundles now give you 15GB. That's an extra 6GB.
  • £20 Big Bundles are back, and give you 30GB data
  • £30 Big Bundles now get a massive 100GB, and now include a further 500 minutes to 29 countries worldwide.

O2 Pay As You Go sim cards 2021 range available at

Order your free O2 Sim card here

O2 Classic, O2 £5 Big Bundle and O2 International sims are being discontinued. 

These sim cards will be available until we run out of stock or until withdrawn by O2. You will be able to remain on these tariffs as long as you wish, but O2 will encourage you to switch to an alternative tariff. 


The £20 Big Bundle is back, and now includes 30GB data.

Remember all tariffs now include UNLIMITED UK minutes and texts.

Top up lasts 30 days, and minimum top up will remain at £10.

* A "month" is classed as 30 days for the purpose of top up allowance. 

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