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Transferring your mobile phone number

This is something many of us may need to do from time to time, usually when we switch mobile networks. We'll expand on this feature later, but for now here's the information you need.

For those of you who have never transferred your mobile number, you should be aware that you have a legal right to keep your number - it does not belong to the network, regardless of which network you are on. 

So if you're moving from one UK mobile network to another you can keep the same number. It doesn't matter if you're moving from Pay As You Go to Contract, or vice-versa. It also doesn't matter if you're only part way through your contract. You are still entitled to move the mobile number, although you should be aware that it does not end your contract or relieve you from the obligations of that contract. 

How to move your mobile number

It's actually very simple. All you need to do is contact the network that the number is currently with, ask them for a PAC code (short for Port Authorisation Code), and give the code to your new network. 

Your code will be valid for 30 days. This is important because if you don't move it within that time, by giving the number to your new network, you'll lose it for good. 

Now I said it was simple, but in practice many people over the years have complained that the networks can make it difficult, trying to push them to stay with the network, offer a new deal or even refuse to give you the PAC code. 

They CAN NOT legally do this. You are entitled to the code within 24 hours, and there is no charge for this service - it is your right. So Ofcom, the telecoms regulator in the UK, have now made it easier. You can now get your PAC code by text. 

Simply text the word PAC to 65075

That's it! That is literally all you need to do to get your PAC code, which must be given to you within 24 hours but can arrive in seconds. 

There are a few important points to bear in mind:

  • You MUST text from the sim containing the mobile number you wish to transfer.
  • You MUST give the PAC code to your new network within 30 days, or you'll lose the mobile number forever. 
  • You MUST fulfill any contractual obligations you have with your current network and they will probably ask you to contact them regarding this.
  • If you're on Pay As You Go you will lose any credit remaining on the sim when it is disconnected from that number, which may happen as soon as you request the code. 
  • The text will usually be charged at your network's standard rate. This means that on PAYG tariffs you'll probably need some credit on the sim you're texting from. 
  • You'll receive the PAC code by text and any other relevant information, such as anything you owe on your current contract (but the network cannot withhold the PAC code from you if you do have outstanding obligations. 
We're planning to expand this article in the coming weeks to include more information and network contact details for the major UK networks, but if you need any further information in the meantime you should contact your network.


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