Help The Ukraine

How you can help with us.

While the oldest piece of advice in the world is probably "never mix business with politics", we feel this goes far beyond politics. It's about people - people like you and me. 

You know what's happening. We don't need to say anything else. 

We have therefore added the option to leave a tip at checkout. There is no obligation on you to leave anything and nothing extra will be added to the cost of your purchase. 

In addition, all single sales of 99p sim cards will be donated to the appeal, and while your first sim will remain free of charge, should you wish to pay 99p instead, it will be paid into the appeal fund. Every penny of it. 

If you do not wish your payment to be sent to the appeal (for example, you may have already donated elsewhere), you will be able to order your first 99p sim card for free as usual. 

Anything you donate will be paid directly to the British Red Cross DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. You can also donate directly and read more about the appeal by clicking here

As an established international humanitarian charity, we feel the Red Cross are best placed to know how and where to distribute the funds to best effect.

There isn't really anything else we need to say, except thank you.