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VOXI is the amazing new network from Vodafone which gives you endless minutes, texts AND social media browsing every month - no Wi-Fi connection required!

You also get endless European roaming in 48 countries and 6GB data - all for a £10 top up!

ALL tariffs include the following:

ENDLESS (Unlimited) calls to any UK network

ENDLESS (Unlimited) texts & picture messages to any UK network

ENDLESS (Unlimited) data for use with ALL these social media sites:









Surf any or all of these sites without using any of your data regardless of whether you're using them on the web or the app.

Just ensure you have a little data left on your sim.

  • £10 top up gives you all this + 6GB data,

  • Or get all this + 15GB of data for £15 top up

  • Or surf all you want with 45GB of data for £20

  • Enjoy ENDLESS roaming - use in 48 Europe Zone countries at no extra cost

  • ENDLESS flexibility - there's no contract and you can cancel anytime. 


Just £10 gets you 6GB of data, NONE Of which is used up whenever you connect to any of the above social media networks.

All VOXI ask is that you have a little of your data allowance remaining on the sim. As long as you do you can socialise all you like at no extra cost, without worrying about being in a WiFi zone. 

You can swap plans every month if you wish. The most popular plan offers you 15GB of data for £15 a month, and another £5 gets you a huge 45GB of data.

Top ups last for 30 days and there's no contract so you can stay or go whenever you choose.

Just top up the plan you want with your credit or debit card online, and to make it even easier you can set up a direct debit if you wish but it's entirely up to you. 

As it's Pay As You Go there's no contract to worry about, and these sims can be used in any mobile phone as long as it's not locked to a different network - all our Pay As You Go phones are unlocked. 

VOXI sims should also work in Vodafone locked mobiles. 


VOXI also offer add-ons for endless music or video streaming, so you can use sites such as Spotify without using your data or needing a WiFi connection.

Membership of media streaming sites is not included.


IMPORTANT: We can only supply 1 free sims per person/household in any 6 month period.

You can order up to 3 additional sims at 99p each.

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