How to keep your kids safe online

As parents there are so many challenges to bringing up children in the 21st century, challenges that our parents did not have. 

Not least of those challenges is the internet. Now available on phones and tablets that junior school kids are quite capable of using, every click can lead them to potential danger. 

Child using computer

While we all need to concern ourselves with internet safety, as adults we think mostly about cyber crime, which can be anything from remembering not to click on links in emails you were not expecting, to keeping your card details safe and secure.

But for our kids it's a completely different ball game. A few clicks, even a simple search for something they want to find can lead them into all sorts of danger. But the really frightening aspect is the fact that they don't even know it's happening, or what to do if it is.

Anything from simple bullying to child grooming from organised paedophile rings is happening to kids all over the world, including the UK, and it's happening now. And while we know right from wrong, what we need to turn away from, turn off or block, they don't.

Do you know what they are looking at online while they're shut in their room? Even if it's just a matter of them spending far too long online, even if it's all perfectly innocent you need to take control for their benefit and yours. Because if something much darker is going on you need to know about it.

It makes sense to take control. But how do you do that?

It's difficult when your kids probably know more about their devices than you do, and can probably even hide what they have been looking at. But there is an answer, and that answer is Qustodio. 

Qustodio provides concerned parents with smart tools to help supervise kids online, so you can keep your children's devices safe while still maintaining the fun element they wanted it for. 

Build a safe and productive digital environment with Qustodio

Qustodio provides powerful monitoring tools and parental controls for things like screen time, adult content and games.

Here's how it works:

  • Smart Filters keep your kids away from inappropriate websites by blocking them
  • Set a screen time limit or even a daily total limit for games and apps
  • Get full visibility of your child's online time, which sites, apps or games they have visited and for how long. 

So from a simple app you now have full control over your child's device. you control what they see and don't see, and for how long.

By now you're probably wondering how much this all costs. 

We know bringing up kids is expensive so here's the really great news. You can protect your first device with the above features COMPLETELY FREE FOR LIFE - simply sign up for an account with Qustodio and you're good to go!

If you have more than one child Qustodio have still made this extremely affordable - dare we even say cheap? - with premium plans from under £36 a year for 5 devices. Great for a small family for less than £3 a month.

Need more? You can protect up to 10 or 15 devices, perfect for growing families or families with older children who may share your tablets or phones. 

A long list of outstanding safety features

All paid plans include the Basic Protection features above plus the following premium features:
  • Extended Reporting -  30-day breakdown on a daily or weekly basis by email
  • Full Protection - Web filters, time limits and reporting
  • Time Limits - set time limits or even scheduled times for each device
  • Games and Apps blocking - Choose what they can use, and when
  • YouTube monitoring - See what they search for and watch
  • Facebook Monitoring - Status updates, pictures, friends and more. See it all. 
  • Call Tracking and Blocking - See who your child calls most, and block unwanted numbers (Android only)
  • SMS (Text Message) Tracking - See who your child is texting, and even read their messages
  • Family Locator - Track where your child has been and know where they are
  • Panic Button (Android) - SOS Button feature that sends you a location alert if your child needs help
  • Priority Support - Helps you get set up and answers any questions you have about Qustodio
Get started for FREE

Why not start by trying out the free option which offers the Basic Protection features shown above. It's free for life, even if you decide not to opt for the comprehensive feature set offered in the 5-device premium plan.

We cannot recommend Qustodio highly enough, and it's no surprise to us that it's received the coveted Editor's Choice award from PC Magazine. Simply click on the ad below, or CLICK HERE for more details