O2 Sim Only contract deals
O2 Sim Only contract dealsO2 Sim Only contract deals

Now available on contract. 

  • Contracts from 30 days to 18 months

  • UNLIMITED calls and texts*

  • No top up required

  • Upgrade or downgrade anytime

  • Free EU roaming included

  • FREE O2 WiFi

                    * Unlimited calls and texts on most contract options. 

O2 offer you a wide range of sim-only contracts with tariffs to suit every pocket. Read on to see why a sim-only deal might be your best option. 

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Why choose a sim-only deal from O2

A range of tariffs to suit everybody's needs

With a wide range of Pay As You Go (Prepay) sim cards now available, why would you choose a sim-only contract? Well there are several advantages to be had, not least the fact that you can simply slot your sim into your phone and forget it. Payments are typically made by direct debit, so there's no need to remember to top up every month.  

That gives you a real advantage, because with a prepay sim you could be anywhere at any time when your credit expires. It means your phone more or less expires with it, and you lose the ability to make calls, send texts or picture messages, and even use the internet unless you're near a free WiFi signal.  


That brings us to a very useful point. O2 offer you FREE WiFi throughout the UK which is especially useful if you're running short of data, although you can "Top up" your data by buying an add-on bundle at any time. 

 It's only fair to point out that this service, which includes over 15,000 WiFi "hotspots" throughout the UK, is now free for everybody to use. O2 WiFi can be accessed in countless venues, including McDonalds restaurants and branches of Halfords, Costa coffee, Santander, Cafe Rouge and Subway. 

Unlimited texts and minutes

All but the lowest priced plan include unlimited texts and minutes to any other UK network, and you can even use those texts and minutes while roaming in Europe. There are very few prepay plans that include both unlimited minutes and texts so again it's another big advantage, allowing you to chat and text for as long as you like, comfortable in the knowledge that you're not going to get a nasty shock when your billing date arrives. 

Typically you'll get more data on a sim-only contract than you do on pay as you go tariffs for a similar price so it's win-win all the way, and don't forget free nationwide O2 WiFi means you'll be able to save your own data while you're out and about. You can use your data in Europe too, but do remember it's only to other UK numbers. 

FREE answerphone

With a sim-only deal you don't have to pay to retrieve your messages, and some prepay tariff charge you when callers leave a message too. This is another way in which you'll save with sim-only. 


Keep your phone

Probably the biggest advantage of sim-only is you can keep your current phone. This is especially useful if you have an expensive handset. In the greater scheme of things they haven't changed too much over the years, functionality is much the same as it always was. And with an end to subsidised phone prices we all know how expensive a new phone can be. So why enter into a new phone contract if you already have a perfectly capable one? 

With a sim only contract you're not paying for something you don't need, and of course you are free to change it further down the line without it affecting your contract in any way. If, like me you prefer to buy your own phone outright and not be tied to what your chosen network has to offer a sim-only contract again makes good sense and offers excellent value. 

Don't forget we sell a wide range of mobile phones, most of which are unlocked so will work with any sim card, any network, contract or pay as you go. Compliment your sim contract with a new phone when you're ready to buy, not when you need a new contract. 

O2 Priority Moments

As an O2 customer you will also benefit from their brilliant O2 Priority offers, which can be anything to discounts and free drinks with lunch, excellent offers from the High Street that you won't find anywhere else, discounted tickets for the O2 venue in London, and priority booking for many live events up to 48 hours before they're available to anybody else. All these are available from the O2 Priority app. 

Our summary

With everything from unlimited texts and minutes across Europe, more data than on pay as you go, free and discounted lunch offers, High Street discounts and early access to tickets, along with free WiFi at over 15,000 venues and more, it makes sense to grab a sim-only plan for your mobile life. 

O2 retain the Uswitch award for Best Network Coverage for 2019 that they won the previous year so you'll be joining one of the most highly rated and effective networks in the UK. 


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a month


mins & texts

25GB data

Lots of data, and a 30 day rolling contract -  great if you don't want to be tied down


a month

UNLIMITEDmins & texts

3GB data

Perfect for talkers and texters who don't need a lot of data


a month

NEW 18 month plans


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