• 4.3 inch HD screen

    • Full HD Video Recording

    • 4G handset

    • Stereo Speakers with Beats Audio

    • 16GB memory

    • Aluminium construction

Now discontinued

Our review of the HTC One Mini

As the name suggests the HTC One Mini is the smaller brother - or sister of you prefer - of the HTC One. Now a smaller version of what is considered by many to be the world's best smartphone can't be a bad thing!

The HTC One Mini obviously has a slightly smaller screen than the HTC One as you might expect. Smaller but not small - at 4.3 inches it is still a third of an inch larger than the iPhone 5 - and you now only get 720p instead of 1080p full HD though it is difficult to tell unless you have the two HTC smartphones side by side.

Powerful Processor
The Snapdragon 400 dual core processor is also smaller though remarkably there is no noticeable difference in speed that you would spot in normal use. This processor is shared with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini but in the HTC One Mini it appears to be much more powerful and everything runs faster and smoother than in the Samsung.

Stereo Speakers
Just about the only other differences from the HTC One are the lack of image stabilisation on the camera, though it is otherwise the same camera, and the speakers - still twin stereo - are slightly smaller but sound just as good with Beats Audio remaining in situ.

Full HD Video Recording
1080p video is also retained, as is the aluminium one-piece construction and 16GB built-in storage against the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini's 8GB, though the Samsung does have a separate MicroSD card slot. Overall though our view is that the HTC One Mini is a considerably better handset.

Our Summary
We feel this is perfect for those wanting to change from the iPhone for example, without wanting to go for a giant screen and price tag to match. The premium feel of the HTC One is retained in the Mini and it is a handset we can happily recommend

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