APPLE iPhone 4 (Discontinued)
APPLE iPhone 4 (Discontinued)
APPLE iPhone 4 (Discontinued)
APPLE iPhone 4 (Discontinued)
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    APPLE iPhone 4 (Discontinued)


      3.5 inch Retina touchscreen

      FaceTime video calling (between iPhones)

      5 Megapixel Camera

      Front/back glass, aluminium frame

      Apple iOS 4

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      Apple iPhone 4 Review

      With the iPhone 4, Apple introduced FaceTime, with which you can contact other iPhone 4 users via live video and it even works via wi-fi with the new iPod Touch.

      Introduced June 2010

      Review by Mike Leader

      FaceTime utilises the new Retina display which has the highest resolution to date with four times the pixel count of previous iPhones, ensuring clear and sharp images and text. The front facing camera also allows you to snap self-portraits, great for all you poseurs out there.
      The 5 megapixel camera has a built in LED flash and now features an advanced illumination sensor which means you can capture fantastic photos even in low light. The same applies to video which you can now capture in HD and the built-in iMovie editor lets you release your creativity and make your own themed movies, complete with titles and transitions.
      Apples’ very own App Store allows you to choose from and download any of hundreds of thousands of applications for just about anything you can think of, and a lot that you probably haven’t. Many of these apps are completely free including their own ever-growing music library, iTunes, where you can store your own tracks or purchase the latest albums or singles and your favourite classics

      This item may no longer be available but we have a huge range of mobile phones, all of which are supplied new in original sealed box and come with original accessories including charger, adapter and USB cable (unless otherwise stated in the description), 2 free Pay As You Go sim cards and of course our unique full 2 YEAR WARRANTY

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