ACER Liquid Z4 (Discontinued)



4.0 inch TFT touchscreen

5 megapixel camera with flash

Rear mounted camera button

Android v4.2.2. JellyBean

DTS Sound Enhancement

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ACER Liquid Z4 Review

Acer have entered the budget android handset market with the Acer Liquid Z4, a phone that cuts corners to cut costs. So is it cheap and cheerful or cheap and nasty? Let's take a look at what the Liquid Z4 has to offer.

Introduced February 2014

by Mike Leader

The Acer Liquid Z4 Android smartphone is as cheap as chips and offers plenty of features for very little money. Is there enough here to tempt you?
The screen is a 4 inch, 800 x 480 resolution TFT type offering a pixel density of 233 pixels per inch. This is clearly where the main savings have been made, although of course you would not expect the same HD resolution offered on a £500+ top end smartphone and this is not intended to be a flagship handset like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia Z2.
The important thing is that colours are strong and bright enough and text clear and readable without the need to zoom in but it won't attract those with fat wallets looking for high specification obviously.
However this is meant to be a small, pocketable handset that is perfect as a cheap introduction to android, and is perfect perhaps as an extra phone for work or nights out where any loss or damage isn't going to leave a large hole in your wallet.
It is deliberately neat and compact, well built and affordable, and would also make an ideal first phone for a youngster. The 130 gram weight and 9.7mm thickness feel just about right and it's easy and comfortable to hold for long periods.
Inside there is a 1.3 GHz dual core processor which is more than enough to keep the phone running smoothly. This is helped along by Acer's Liquid interface which is aptly named and very fluid, although the not overly generous 512MB of RAM memory and 4GB of internal storage will hinder your progress if you have too many apps open at once.
We particularly like the way you can set the phone for use for a certain type of user, such as large icons for an older user perhaps, or locking off features for a younger user, so they can only phone and text and not interfere with your apps.
Acer have taken a leaf out of LG's book with a rear mounted button just below the camera, in a similar position to the controls found on the LG G2 and G3 smartphones. This button can be set to open any app while pressing and holding it will open the camera. It can also be disabled completely if you prefer.
The Liquid Z4's camera is a decent 5 megapixel snapper and produces decent pictures, at least as good as anything else in this range and performs better than most as the light drops.
The problem is, because of the low screen resolution you won't appreciate the fact unless you view those photos on a better screen. However a good camera on a budget handset is commendable nevertheless. Sound comes with DTS enhancement which again is unexpected on a budget phone and although sound is decidedly average through the speaker, it is excellent through headphones, as good as any premium handset I have tried which makes it a great choice for a budget music player.


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